Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Goodbye 2013 Hello 2014 & New Announcements

Welcome to 2014! Looking back at previous years, I don't seem to have the habit of compiling my bakes of the year. After seeing many bloggers doing it, I did mine this year.

Took a morning to look back at my posts last year, not many actually :P. I did my first charity bake sale for CNY, baked MORE chiffon cakes, did more kiddy bakes, played with fondant the first time, made mooncakes. I posted more unrelated to baking stuffs, haha! About gardening and half-way through my Hong Kong trip. Still have not posted up some bakes yet.

Some of my favourites for last year.

I'm not a very hardworking baker and blogger. I don't write well, I take my photos in less than a minute. I don't bake that often. I take longer time to blog, especially when there are more ways of sharing my bakes online, like through facebook and instagram. :) I choose to blog more casually now, at my own pace. Blogging is my way of recording my own recipes, my thoughts, my life, my experiences. So that I can have great memories when I look back. If I have shared a good recipe, inspired you to bake, provided some useful information, that's a bonus! :)

Good things come and go. I have 2 announcements to make today.

Aspiring Bakers is coming to an end this year. This had been on my mind for the longest time since last year as I think I have not done a good job. It is a hard decision to end AB. And I finally decide and officially announce it today. I hope you are reading this! This month's 39th theme: CNY Rock & Roll is the second last one. The last theme will be Rainbow Cakes/Ombre Cakes hosted by Cynthia. I really enjoyed the food posted by all bloggers and readers. Aspiring Bakers has great moments, bringing everyone together to share and make friends. I am very proud to be the starter of this event. Hope all of you will give great support for the last 2 themes. :)

The other announcement is about my online shop SSB Baking Supplies. It was started a few months ago, selling baking/cooking/packaging products. Thank you to all my baking friends who supported by buying and sharing about it online. I hope to look for more interesting products that are harder to find here and keep the prices affordable (some shops are selling too high!). Earning a little extra income and also fulfilling my little dream at the same time. Please support to keep it going!

Online shop:
FB page:

Wishing for a good year in 2014!


  1. Happy New Year SSB! Sorry to hear that you are putting an end to AB, I really enjoy AB though I have not been diligently participating. Thanks for everything at AB! Yeah will support you at SSB baking supplies and hope to see more interesting stuff coming up!

  2. Happy new year!

    AB rocks! Thumb up to all hosts of AB.

  3. Hi SSB,

    Happy new year and best wishes!

    You have done a great job in keeping Aspiring Bakers going for so long, 40 months is not easy! I only discovered Aspiring Bakers from Traditional Kueh onwards and I didn't manage to find time to participate every month. But I must say that Aspiring Bakers has been an inspiring baking event for me to follow, so much to learn from everybody!

    Keep up the good work in your blog and I hope to buy some stuff from SSB supplies whenever I am in Singapore! :)

  4. 新年快乐~

  5. Happy New Year SSB,

    So sad to hear that AB is about to end, although I hardly join lately ..... but I always like to follow AB updates :) Thank you SSB, because of AB, I have chances to try out so many recipes :) and improve my baking skills hehehehee ....

  6. Thank you SSB, I came to know about AB just half year ago and I must admit that all bakers' recipes, products and sharing are indeed very encouraging and aspiring to others whom had developed the interest and passion in baking. Thank you for the efforts and wishing you and family a blessed 2014 CNY!

  7. Oh nooooooo. Can't help feeling a little sad that there won't be any more AB events... Even though I haven't had the chance to participate in them lately. :( Anyway, thank you SSB for starting it up! I've definitely learned a lot through it! And thanks for the opportunity of letting me host 2 of them! Had a lot of fun doing them!